In order to continue our mission to change the world for the better we are hiring another insanely great designer. 

We'll explain more, but first some important ground rules: If you want to work for an advertising agency, don't apply. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, don't apply. If you don't consider yourself great at what you do, don't apply. And if you don't think we can change the world, don't apply.

Still interested? Good. This is what we expect of you:

Qualification 1. You have a creative mindset and dare
to break with the established
Qualification 2. You are an extremely talented designer and have
experience with digital user experiences
Qualification 3. You are curious about people and enjoy
talking to those you are designing for
Qualification 4. You are a team player and love to solve problems
in collaboration with others
Qualification 5. You are constantly evolving and are not afraid of
doing things you don't know how to do
Qualification 6. You welcome big challenges and see them
as an opportunity to make a change
This is a picture of us trying to drill a hole in glass with a wood bit. That's a stupid idea.

Working in Railway

Working in Railway is fun, challenging, sometimes exhausting, but extremely rewarding. You will be a part of a dynamic and growing start-up, and you will have a big influence on the company's future. We expect that Railway is the place you will do your very best work. You will be amazed by your growth, both professionally and personally.

Joining Railway is joining a quest to change the world, one solution at the time. Having this goal does something to you. You will hold yourself and those around you to super high standards. Some will say our ambitions are unrealistically high. You will not.

Let's get technical

Office Super cool studio @ Vulkan, Oslo
Working language Norwegian, Danish and Swedish
Salary Same as the rest of us. You won't starve
Stock options All employees are invited to be co-owners
Working hours Reasonably flexible
Fridays Used for experiments and personal growth

Will you come with us and change the world?