When we’re at parties and people ask us what we do for work, we say at least one of the following:

Alternative A. “Solving problems with design and technology.” Alternative B. “Let’s not talk about work. Tequila shots!”

This is the slightly longer version:

We're twelve people with skills in technology, design, communication and business. We help companies invent new products for real people. And have fun.

We use our enthusiasm and naivité to think outside the box. We look from different angles. We wear different glasses. The clichés are plenty, so to be concrete:

Research First we research market trends and insights, and talk to employees and users about their problems. Ideate We come up with a bunch of crazy ideas, and then sketch them out. Build Then we build a prototype of the best idea and design a first version of the product. Iterate We test it on people and make the final adjustments. In the end we make an awesome video about it all.

All this in four weeks.

See that yellow blender? We got it for a watermelon
jello shot experiment. Our floor is still sticky.
This is Jørgen testing a prototype of what we
ended up calling a Groupfie Booth

If Railway was a restaurant this is what our menu would look like:

4 week sprint: From problem to prototype 480.000 NOK
Product development: From pitch to product From 360.000 NOK
TODAY'S SPECIAL: Creative workshop Ask your waiter

So why should I dine at your restaurant?

Well, if you're not into waiting four weeks for your meal and having your taste buds challenged, this isn't the best place for you. But our tacos are pretty good.

That's probably enough of the restaurant metaphor.

Our team is young, but experienced. They've learned from the best, working in big agencies and small start ups. On our board is a former McKinsey global senior partner.

But most importantly, we've been doing development and innovation for a handful of years now. Trying and failing our way to a proven process.

This is a list of the skills we've acquired over the years, and their accompanying buzzwords. We know a lot of great words.

Creative process Worskhops, Ideation, Double diamond
Interaction design User interface, Websites, Apps
User research Intuition, User testing
Digital protoyping MVP, Clickable, Rapid, Iterations
Back end development CMS, CRM, Programming, Database, e-Commerce
Front end development Websites, Web apps, Animations
Hardware development IoT, Beacons, Micro controllers, Processing
Business and strategy Canvas, Sprints
Marketing and branding Identity design, Logos, Strategy
Film and photography Video, Studio, Documentation
Animation and illustration Icons, After Effects, 3D

You want an example of some of our projects? OK then, let's play a game. Guess which of these projects are not real:

Project A. Emoji chat exibithion for kids from 120 countries. Project B. Robot assistant that recomends car-holiday
destinations based on your hair color.
Project C. App for grocery store owners that explains analytics.

If you guessed B, you’re right. It does however help people understand and buy insurance for their cars. It's still in beta, so we hope to get the holiday tips into a later launch.

So what does these projects have in common, you ask.

People, we answer. All our projects are based on human needs, not technology. Aha, you reply.

We believe innovation comes from the people actually using the thing. So we actually listen to them.

Simple right? The thing is, if you ask people they only want kittens. And kittens aren’t an especially good business model. This is where Railway come in. We find where business needs and people needs overlap.

But every user is different. Some prefer kittens while others prefer puppies. And don’t even get us started on the business circle. Budgets, IT-dept, timelines, KPI’s, ROI’s and office politics.

After all this, our ven diagram looks more like this:

If you're standing in the middle of a tangeled ven diagram, it's pretty hard to see a way out. But we can help you. This is how:

We set up an informal meeting, just to
get to know each other.

Send an email to Andreas to set up the meeting. In the meeting we talk about your challenges and how to reframe them into problem statements. We will ask a lot of questions.

After the meeting we will send you a
proposed project description.

The project description will contain a problem statement, a process description and a delivery specification.

When we find the right problem statement,
we set up a timeline for the project.

We dedicate four team members who will work tirelessly in four weeks. After that you end up with a problem insight, a prototype to test it, and a video to communicate it.

From time to time we reward our super hard
work with a pool party in the office.
We actually drove the whole team to a cabin in Denmark
to figure out how to describe our job at parties.
We still don't really understand the mind of our 3D-printer,
but we love him nevertheless.

If you've read this far we may as well congratulate you. You've endured our self-centered stream of thought in Norwegian-English rambling.

As a reward you get a link to a video of a really excited guy looking at trains. It's our favourite video on the whole internet. Here it is.

And as a bonus price you also get a personal congratulation from our CEO, Sondre.

Call him at +47 414 59 431 right now.