the shoulders
of giants

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Through our proven co-inv­ention process,
we leverage under­utilized potential in large organi­zati­ons to build startups with the inherent advantages of scale.

The advantages of scale

In most companies there are untapped assets that can be turned into unfair advantages in new markets. Building on these assets we can invent and scale radical innovation faster, with significantly higher success rates.

The partner contributes:

  • Established infrastructure
  • Industry know-how
  • Brand and customer group

With a maker’s mindset

Behind every great product is a team of passionate and uncompromising makers. Creating something new requires a unique culture where everyone is encouraged to challenge everything.

Railway contributes:

  • Dedicated team of makers
  • Uncompromising culture
  • Religious focus on people
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All our inventions are built on the premise of solving real problems
for real people

The co-invention process


Discover new oppor­tunities through deep human insights

We care about people. We want to understand them and their situations in ways that cannot be communicated in words. We spend a lot of time observing and engaging with all kinds of people to truly experience their circumstances. Through this process we uncover important human problems that put in the context of new technological opportunities fuel our ventures.

Continuous exploration

Unique problem with distinct angle


Form a co-invention partnership

Co-inventing is combining the agility of a small, independent team with the advantages of scale in an established organization. Based on the problem we have set out to solve, we identify and partner with a suitable co-inventor. Bringing in the partner's unique industry know-how, we dive deeper into the problem and map out a high-impact solution, leveraging their existing assets, in a startup blueprint.

3 makers, 90 days

Startup blueprint


Execute with laser-sharp focus

To create something truly meaningful, we narrow our scope and focus on the core innovation while at the same time rigorously following learning. After launch we focus on establishing a strong product/market fit before using the infrastructure of our partner to supercharge scaling.

Startup team, 1 - 2 years

Growing startup


Establish a platform for lasting innovation

Co-inventing takes us from zero to one, establishing a new platform for innovation that will live on beyond the partnership. As we improve the product/market fit and the co-invention becomes more self sufficient, we recruit internal and external resources and Railway gradually becomes obsolete.

Startup team, 1 year

Railway exit

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Working with Railway is so liberating. They have the ability to take any big idea and make it manageable.

— Wasim Rashid, CEO of R8 Technology

Striking the balance

Corporate innovation is tricky. Large companies face a challenge of overcoming internal resistance and legacy, and are not offered the freedom of startups. After 10 years of hands on experience we have developed a set of principles that gives a team the freedom to innovate, while also facilitating a successful integration into core departments.

Our 7 principles for leveraging scale


The success of the co-invention must generate success in the core it builds upon


The co-invention must work as an independent product with a viable business model


A team of entrepreneurs must be allowed to work independ­ently to grow a startup culture


A steering committee must act like investors and impose constructive constraints to drive innovation and creativity


The co-invention must be considered a third-party solution to avoid legacy problems


The co-invention must be measured using KPIs different from the core it builds upon


Product/market-fit must be prioritized above early growth to avoid scaling problems