Digital product designer

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We are looking for an awesome product designer to join our team. At Railway you will work together with great people on high impact projects for some of Scandinavia’s most influential companies.

About you

You are experienced with digital product design and have strong both functional and aesthetic intuition.

You are experienced with, or curious about, business innovation.

You are a keen learner, driven by the ambition to do better work every day.

You have a high morale and thrive in teams with lots of freedom and responsibility.

You speak, or want to learn, Norwegian or another Scandinavian language.

You want to be part of something bigger than yourself.

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at Railway

The why

The only constant at Railway is our «why» whereas our «how» is continuously evolving as we learn. Being a part of Railway means having a firm belief in our «why» and a huge influence on our «how».

We want to improve society by inventing products and companies that solve real problems for real people. We believe in great design grounded in empathic insight and professional integrity.


We strongly believe that the best way to learn is through the work we do every day. That’s why we invest a lot in finding the most challenging and meaningful projects.

However one thing does not rule out the other, so we dedicate every Friday to experiments and personal projects, and every team member manages a self-education budget of one work week and NOK 25.000,- per year.

Doing good

We constantly ask ourselves how we can improve our contribution to society. Similar to our philosophy on learning we believe that our most important contribution is through our day-to-day work. But every once in a while we decide to take a bit further. Like this time when we went to Africa

Having fun

Ultimately we’re not here to have fun, however having fun is both fuel and reward for making great products. Most days are fun, some days will be shit, but even the shitty days should be fulfilling.


Money is not what drives us, but we’re not monks. On the contrary we belive in living full lives where meaningful work is just a piece of the puzzle. Since a lot of the other pieces aren’t free the pay is good, and gets even better as the company grows stronger.

Everyone in Railway has the same salary. In addition to the fixed pay one third of the profits are shared equally within the team.


Railway is lead by Andreas and Sondre. They make sure we don’t forget the long lines and that our workplace is running smoothly. Beyond that Railway has a flat hierarchy and every voice is equally valuable.