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We’re looking for someone with heart and grit to help us excel in talent acquisition and build stronger teams

Head of Talent


Railway is a close-knit team of entrepreneurial makers, dedicated to help solve some of our time’s biggest challenges. We build lightweight startups with heavyweight impact, leveraging untapped assets in established industries. Our backbone is human-centric design, and we value long-term sustainability over short-term financial gains.

Your role

You'll be joining our dynamic team of seven employees, at our Vulkan office where we invent and build new businesses together. Your main responsibility will be to grow teams and attract talent to our startups.
As head of talent you need to figure out how we can get the absolute best people to scale our efforts. This includes establishing new processes, creating momentum and managing hires. You also need to work closely with the rest of the team to plan and develop roadmaps.
To do this you need to be passionate and structured at the same time. Creating excitement through storytelling and marketing, while staying on top of all the running initiatives going on.
Needless to say, talent acquisition is one of the most important parts of building a company. We depend on many different capabilities in our startups, but mostly developers, designers and business developers. It’s important that you are able to recognize true talent in these groups of people, even though you will get a lot of help from us.
We are looking for someone eager to take on this challenge and shape our teams for years to come. This requires someone with exceptional skills, but most important, someone willing to invest in the people around them and our community.

Your qualifications


You are a great storyteller, able to convey enthusiasm and generate excitement about the things you care about (and believe Railway can be one of those things.)


You are a good listener capable of recognizing exceptional people by the way they talk and answers your questions.


You care about diversity, inclusion and social impact, and will make it your personal goal to evolve our culture.


You have experience with designing and executing complex processes to build and maintain momentum (not necessarily from recruiting.)


You are flexible and structured enough to manage many different tasks at the same time across all our startups.


You have enough experience with hiring developers, or with technology directly, to recognize great tech-talent.


You speak, or are currently learning, Norwegian or another Scandinavian language.

Hiring process

01 Application

We'll ask for some personal info along with your short pitch of why you want to work at Railway.

02 First date

We will set-up a video call with Sondre and Andreas, our founders, where you will spend some time getting to know each other and dive into questions you might have.

03 Take-home assignment

We will share a take-home exercise with you. This will help us get a sense of your abilities, and you can get a feel for the kind of problems you will be solving at Railway.

04 Meet the team

By this point, you will chat with the rest of the team and share a bit about your background, experience, and achievements, and learn more about the role.

05 Deep talk

The last informal chat where we will dive into Railway's values and culture. This is also a perfect moment to ask any pressing questions.

06 Get an offer

Let's sign and make it final.

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