Come build with us

Our team is small by design, and we value the personal growth of every team member above growing in numbers. Still, there is room for a few more passionate makers that want to build and co-own industry altering startups.


Full time

Full-stack Designer

We are looking for a designer with exceptional talent who seek long-term growth and the opportunity to lead teams one day.



We offer internships from 6 to 24 months to aspiring designers that want to devote their professional careers to building a better world.

Full time

Head of Marketing

We’re looking for someone eager to take the lead on all our marketing initiatives across all our startups.

Full time

Head of Talent

We’re looking for someone with heart and grit to help us excel in talent acquisition and build stronger teams

Working at Railway

Kontor 1 Kontor 2

We want to give exceptional creatives the chance to focus their passion and imagination where it can have the biggest impact.

Sondre Selbæk, Founder

Build for people, not clients

Working at Railway means not having the luxury of being told what to do. Instead, we engage with real people and try to understand how we can improve their lives. Forget about all the layers of politics and business decisions that comes from working with big companies. We let real people drive our decisions and only succeed by creating something valuable that improves and brings joy to their lives. That is difficult, but ultimately much more rewarding in every way.

Own your success

There is nothing greedy about wanting to own what you create. We are passionate makers and when we create something we truly believe in, a part of us goes into that product. That’s why we believe it’s only fair that everyone involved should have a personal stake in what we are building. Working at Railway means reaping the rewards, and dealing with the responsibilities, of ownership.

Grow as a team

Our main goal is for everyone to grow through the work they do every day. And not only as individuals, but as a part of a tight team that helps each other become better and overcome obstacles. Yes there will be opportunities to go to courses, and yes you can visit conferences, but that’s just a bonus. No one is counting hours. Spend your time on what’s most valuable to you and our team.

Perks and benefits

We believe in living full, purposeful lives where work is one piece of the puzzle. It is an important piece, and that is why we take significant measures to ensure your professional well-being. Here are some of the things you can expect if you join us:


An Apple a day

We will set you up with the latest hardware from Apple so you can perform from day one.

Profit sharing

Co-own new startups

Invent with us over three years to share profits from every startup we exit.


Free books

Order fascinating books on us, as long as you store them in the office library after reading.


Kick some a**

Stay healthy and exercise during the workday. It's also a great way to get your eyes off the screens


Stay inspired

We allocate a yearly budget of 25000 NOK for courses and conferences.

Flexible workday

Flexible workday

Some of us are early birds, some of us are night owls. We dont care what kind of bird you are. As long as you get the job done.

Fuel ideas

Fuel your own ideas

Fridays are dedicated to creative lab experiments and personal projects.

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