When we’re at parties and people ask us what we do for work, we say at least one of the following things:

Alternative A. «Solving problems with design and technology» Alternative B. «Let’s not talk about work. Tequila shots!»

This is the slightly longer version:

We are a group of people with skills in design, technology and business development. Our purpose is to invent stuff that solves real problems for real people.

We do this by teaming up with heavyweight organizations and help them create new products and services with actual humans in mind.

It's a quite beautiful symbiosis: they get an external innovation lab, unhindered by internal bias and politics, and in return they provide us the muscle power we need to make a substantial impact on people's lives.

And of course, whenever they need a break from the corporate world, they can drop by our office for tacos.

But how does that make Railway different from other
creative consultancies, you may ask.

Well, first of all, we don't really see ourselves as consultants. We have our own agenda.

Railway is a product company - we just happen to make products in cooperation with big companies. We see them as partners, not clients.

Then there's our nearly religious adherence to our purpose - the one about inventing stuff that solves real problems for real people, remember? All we do has to align with that purpose. When you think about it, that's remarkably different from how most companies operate.

If you want to read more about purpose and values,
this is definitely the place to click.

From time to time we reward our super hard
work with a pool party in the office.
Some clichés we fit right into. Like the one with young people
dressed in black putting post-its on the walls and windows.
Can't have a cult-like company without proper merch, right?

OK, how does that really work?

It's all about overlaps. More precisely areas where human needs and business needs are overlapping.

Don't confuse this with compromising the two, but rather discovering where solving a human problem also solves a business problem. It's like this Venn diagram:

Simple, right? The only problem is that no two people are alike. They have different problems and different desires. And when you finally pin down the problem it turns out to be just a symptom of a deeper problem. (Getting confused by all the problems? That's the point.)

Oh, and don't get us started on the business circle. Budgets, IT-dept, KPI’s, ROI’s and office politics. In the end our Venn diagram looks more like this:

This is why we have developed an awesome framework to kick us off in the right direction. We call it the Railway Innovation Sprint™. The idea is to bypass the usual showstoppers and go from problem to prototype in just four weeks.  

We guess this is what people would refer to as our «our secret sause». Just that it's not secret. Contact us and we'll tell you all about it.

We could probably go on forever, but the end we're just a group of people that's really passionate. Like this guy: