How do you make sense of figures and numbers in a multibillion kr company and start conversations across departments?

Date: December 2016
Client: Orkla Home and Personal Care
Offering: Design Sprint + Development
Design Sprint

with numbers
and context

We wanted to make conversations that sparks enthusiasm about
data across departments in Orkla.
A common platform for every
employee of Orkla.

The short version:

The slightly longer version:

Orkla is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods to the grocery, out-of home, specialised retail, pharmacy and bakery sectors. The Nordic, Baltic and selected Central European countries are Orkla’s main markets. They also hold strong positions in selected product categories in India.

Naturally, Orkla has become masters of numbers, logistics and big production lines. Railway's approach, in contrast, is based on empathic insights and people problems. Opposites attract, they say.

So the original brief: How can we make a better data analysis tool?
turned into: How can we turn data and products into conversations that creates a common understanding about where
Orkla is heading?
Workshop at Orkla HQ
Field research in the factories

Empathic Design

Since our method is based on human needs, not technology, we had no intention of only talking to IT and top management. We wanted to talk with the Orkla everyman.

We soon understood that employees had plenty of data analysis tools, but they were all based on business logic, not the actual needs of the employees. And each department used different tools. The lack of a unified platform created frictions between departments and a lot of people felt like their insights didn’t get the attention they deserved.

The guy that stacks the shelfs in the grocery store had as valuable insights as the account mangers or the product designers. What they were missing was just a way of sharing those insights. 

Orkla Total

At most companies every department is occupied with their own arbitrary numbers. They are more concerned with their own KPIs than the company as a whole. With Orkla Total we intended to break down that silo mindset and focus the attention on what they had in common: Orkla's products.

Orkla Total became a tool that allowed everyone in every department to get a quick overview of how the company was doing, follow products, drill down and comment on developments.


Strategist: Jørgen Kvalsvik
Design: Connie Pedersen, Alexander Schussel
Project Management: Astrid Eriksen
Development: Brillio