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Maridalsveien 15E
0178 Oslo
+47 95401208 post@railway.no


Hi there! We are Railway. We are innovators.

We invent products and businesses that solve real problems for real people.


What does that mean, you may ask. Allow us to elaborate.
In partnership with Nordea:

Reimagining banking to help people attain a healthy economy.

In partnership with Elektroimportøren:

Fixing the relationship between electricians and home owners.

In partnership with Circle K Europe:

Creating tomorrow's mobility partner for workers on the road.

In partnership with Agder Energi:

Inventing an energy supplier that helps people reduce consumption.

In partnership with the Norwgian Red Cross:

Focusing help where it's most needed by rethinking volunteer management.

In partnership with Vitusapotek:

Improving quality of life for people going through cancer treatment.

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Sounds fantastic, right? Great news: We're hiring!

Full time, Oslo:

Digital product designer

Full time, Oslo:

Project manager*

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