At Railway, everything we do is based on two simple, yet powerful ideas:


That the number one responsibility of any business is to serve people and society


That doing good is good business

We are devoted to prove these ideas, and to ultimately make the world a happier, more democratic and more sustainable place.

Business is broken

We live in a time of abstraction. In a global and digital economy, the distance between business leaders and consumers, between action and consequence, is growing increasingly difficult to manage.

In the pursuit of endless growth and short term profits, companies are flooding our world with products that in the end do more harm than good. Though often unintended, the abuse is undeniable. People are turned into digital addicts, human and natural resources are violently exploited, and democracy is strained as our personal data is sold to the highest bidder.

We do not believe the current condition is the product of evilness. Rather, we think it is the result of an outdated system. A system designed for another time, based on far less knowledge of the world than what we now possess. To break free, we must redefine our ways of thinking, of working and of measuring.

And there is hope. Because in our experience, people are no longer willing to accept the role of mindless consumers, addicted to convenience and cheap thrills. People sense care. They sense purpose. We are confident that given the opportunity people will surround themselves with the products and companies that respect the part they play in the bigger picture. This is welcome news to companies who want to make a difference.

The world is changing, and we believe the winners of tomorrow are the ones who see sustainability and social responsibility as their core business, not something to do in addition to making money.

The mission we have taken on ourselves is to lead by example, through big and small inventions that solves real problems for real people, and that proves that doing good is good business.