Impact and replicability

Our proven process makes startup innovation replicable.


Deep human insights Scale Hacking™ Devoted craftsmanship

The process

  1. 01 Uncover

    Our research team is continuously exploring new areas where we can make a difference. Through the lens of deep human insight we analyze industries and uncover opportunities that breaks with convention. In close collaboration with industry experts and the people we aim to serve, we shape our observations into powerful ideas. The ideas that noticeably excite the people we talk to advances to the next phase.

  2. 02 Define Startup

    To define our Startup Blueprint, we break down the vision into its most basic components and identify the most viable starting point. Rather than building from scratch, we look for partners with established infrastructure that can give us an advantageous market position from the get go. With a partner onboard, we complete our blueprint with an agile team setup, roadmap, budgets and a go-to-market strategy. Only the best and most important solutions complete this stage.

  3. 03 Build a

    Adhering to initial observations we focus on launching the smallest version of the product that still get people really excited. After launch it’s all about staying true to the vision while rigorously adapting to new learning. We begin hiring the long-term management team and continue to develop and grow the company as we get closer to a good product/market-fit and a sustainable business.

  4. 04 Scale a

    Through learning and iteration our product becomes tighter and more precise in solving the real problem. The focus slowly shifts to delivering the promised value to more people and utilizing the unfair advantages of our partners. We recruit internal and external resources, and as the startup becomes more self-sufficient the founding team gradually hand over daily operations while entering into a more executive long-term role.

The Railway method makes innovation into something that can be taught, fast tracked and replicated, almost universally across industries

Andreas Solbakken, Founder