Standing on the shoulders of giants

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Scale Hacking™

Through our work, we have experienced the inherent advantages of scale. Establishing new infrastructure like distribution and business processes is time consuming and sometimes a major distraction from solving the real problem. Rather than building everything from scratch, we partner with mature companies and build on their infrastructure to maximize early impact.

This enables us to combine the agility and passion of our small, independent team with the strength and endurance of our established partner companies. We call this method Scale Hacking because it defies the natural limitations of scale, while leveraging the advantages.

In most companies there are untapped assets that can be turned into unfair advantages in new markets. Building on these assets we can invent and scale radical innovation faster, with significantly higher success rates.

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Zero to One

Behind every great product is a team of passionate and uncompromising makers. Creating something new requires a unique culture where everyone is encouraged to challenge everything. We specialize in radical innovation, building products from zero to one, while recruiting key personell that will continue the journey.

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Our 7 principles
for leveraging scale

Large companies face a challenge of overcoming internal resistance and legacy, and are not offered the same freedom as startups. After 10 years of hands on experience, we have developed a set of principles that enables innovative partnerships with large organizations.

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Craftsmanship Focusing on execution

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