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Deep human insights

At Railway, we are convinced that new products and solutions only make sense if they solve a real problem that occurs in people’s lives. This is why all our endeavors start with an attempt to deeply understand people and their needs: by talking to them, by observing them, by simply being with them.

Often, it’s the non-obvious things that you can’t even put into words that reveal the true underlying motivations of people and lead to the most promising ideas. Crystallizing these observations into what we call deep human insight, and acting on them with a profound respect for the people we want to serve is essential to everything we do.

Before discovering SpotOn we worked together with electricians on the road, observing them with customers.

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The world is continuously changing. Industry leading solutions becomes outdated or obsolete, established customer needs evolve, and new technology reveals latent opportunities that is impossible to predict. By getting close to people we go beyond the assumptions and look at problems from their perspective.

Catching up

The needs have changed, but the solution hasn’t. We look for ways to bring the industry forward by solving new problems.

Rethinking the problem

The needs are the same, but there are new ways to solve them better. We look for ways to solve problems in a more efficient and convenient way.

Starting from scratch

There is an unmet need that is only apparent in the context of a new solution. We look for opportunities to change how people live their lives.


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