The value of giving a damn

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There is a profound difference between the products we just use and the products we love, even if we can't explain why. Great design is taking an idea and making it understandable and useable in the real world. Great execution is staying true to the vision and nailing the details that are so easily missed. So easily compromised. Just like everything else, this is a craft that requires discipline and experience. We pride ourselves on putting this discipline at the core of who we are and what we do.

Making things has always been our passion. Making things people want to use has always been our aim. We believe that people sense the care we put into our products and that there will always be a difference between products made solely for profit and products made with love. That is why it is so important to give a damn.

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We are makers at heart with a deep passion and true reverence for craftsmanship and the creative process

Alexander Moen, Lead designer

Creative discipline

We design to have an impact on real people’s lives. This requires a dedication to the original deep human insight and an acknowledgment that we need to say "no" more than we say "yes".

01 Great design elevates great ideas
02 Focus is saying no to anything not essential
03 If we don't care, no one else will either

We have combined the skillsets needed to build innovative companies under one roof. Working together in close-knit teams we continue to evolve our shared language across disciplines while becoming more efficient for every project. With an encouraged sense of ownership and a culture of responsibility with an emphasis on action, we move fast together as a group.

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